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What are the hardware and system requirements for the remote exam?

Below are the standard hardware and system requirements:
  1. A functioning web camera and microphone (some web cameras have them built-in)
  2. PSI requires the use of the Google Chrome browser.
  3. The most up to date information on the minimum systems requirements (such as Operating Systems, Resolution and Bandwidth) can be found here.
The following are incompatible:
  • Chromebooks
  • Mobile Devices
  • Tablets/iPads
  • Apple devices released prior to Fall 2020 (without new M1 Chip)
Run a System Compatibility Check on the device and internet you plan to use for your test, to make sure your device is good to go for online proctoring. If you run into any technical issues with the PSI Exam platform, before the start of your exam, you can reach out to PSI Technical Support at 1-855-436-2039.