Payment, Billing & Fees

How do I process a payment towards my payment plan?

All installment payments are set up on a monthly automatic withdrawal to the card on file. However, if you purchased your product online with an installment/payment plan, and that plan is still active, you can process payments from within your NASM | AFAA Customer Portal should your payment decline.
Please see the steps below:
1. Log into your Customer Portal.
2. Click on the "User Profile" icon and select "Purchases" from the dropdown menu.
3. Click on the "Payment Plans" tab option.
4. Locate the payment plan you want to process a payment for and click "Make a Payment".
5. On the "Make a Payment" screen, choose the Amount to Pay and select the payment method you wish to use for the payment.
6. Agree to the Terms and Conditions and click "Submit Payment".
Important Note: You will want to know your set payment date, as any payment made greater than 5 days to the draft date will be applied to the principal balance and not your next monthly dues.
If you purchased your product over the phone with an installment/payment plan, you will need to call Member Services for assistance with updating your payment information. Contact information can be found on the Contact Support page or by clicking here.